Girls want to drink more? Smiling asked me.
“Thought about you all the way. I slapped her on the butt.
Will she get pregnant?
Oh wow, this is a piece of wood. Such a prick will not enter your mouth. Hermione sighed dreamily out the window.
Oh, Alex... You just break my heart. And my daughters. Perhaps you noticed that they liked it?
- Like? - I was turned on by his youthful indecision, the way his mouth opened in amazement, as if wanting to immediately bite his lips into my swollen nipples. - So juicy and tender ... Mmm ... Touch ...
Natasha sat deeper on the bed and spread her legs, beckoning her friend. She, kneeling at the edge of the bunk, lay down so that her face was in close proximity to the "treated" pussy. Natasha parted her labia with her fingers, pulled herself up and thick white sperm appeared from the depths.
There are many galaxies in the universe. There are billions of stars and planets in galaxies. Many planets are not adapted for life, but there are those on which it should be. Are such planets far from us? And who inhabits them? Possibly green humanoids. Or maybe they are blue, or even purple. Or maybe they are not different from us at all.